Top Senate Democrat Schumer Says Marijuana Banking Bill Isn’t Enough Reform | Marijuana Moment

The U.S. Senate’s top Democrat said on Thursday that Congress should go much further in enacting federal marijuana reform than just passing a cannabis banking bill. “We need decriminalization at the federal level, criminal justice reform, and investment in opportunity for minority & women-owned small businesses,” he tweeted, noting that a number of civil rights […]

Source: Top Senate Democrat Schumer Says Marijuana Banking Bill Isn’t Enough Reform | Marijuana Moment

California Agriculture Magazine: Special Issue: Cannabis – July-December 2019

California Agriculture Magazine

University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources

July-December 2019

Download pdf file:

California Agriculture Magazine July-Dec 2019_CAv073n03


Special Issue: Cannabis

by Jim Downing
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In this special issue, California Agriculture presents research articles on cannabis production, the economics of California’s cannabis industry, and the social and community impacts of cannabis.

California cannabis regulation: An overview

by Robin S. Goldstein, Daniel A. Sumner
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In 2016, Proposition 64 decriminalized the possession and use of cannabis by anyone in California aged 21 or over. But the 2015 Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act had begun the process of regulating cannabis in the state.

A concise cannabis guide: History, laws and regulations

by Lucien Crowder
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An overview of key cannabis laws and regulations in California.

Restrictions and opportunities for UC cannabis research

by Lucien Crowder
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Cannabis is legal in California but illegal in the United States. The plant’s ambiguous status cuts off many avenues of cannabis research — but leaves other approaches wide open.

The rapid evolution of UC cannabis research

by Lucien Crowder
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At campuses across the UC system, cannabis researchers are grappling with questions that have accompanied legalization.

CalCannabis: Regulating a previously unregulated industry

by Lucien Crowder
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An interview with Richard Parrott, Director of the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing Division.

Science and law enforcement teaming up to help “critters”

by Lucien Crowder
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An interview with Scott Bauer, Senior Environmental Scientist, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

“Like every other industry” — An on-the-ground perspective on Proposition 64

by Lucien Crowder
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An interview with Amanda Reiman, Vice President of Community Relations, Flow Kana

Peer-reviewed research and review articles

First known survey of cannabis production practices in California

by Houston Wilson, Hekia Bodwitch, Jennifer Carah, Kent Daane, Christy Getz, Theodore E. Grantham, Van Butsic

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Most growers in this survey produced their crop outdoors or in greenhouses, relied primarily on groundwater, used biologically based inputs for pest management and employed seasonal workers paid at fixed piece rates.
Characteristics of farms applying for cannabis cultivation permits

by Benjamin Schwab, Ariani Wartenberg, Van Butsic

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In Humboldt County, larger and faster-growing cannabis farms apply for permits at higher rates than do smaller or slower-growing farms.
Retail cannabis prices in California through legalization, regulation and taxation

by Robin S. Goldstein, Daniel A. Sumner, Allie Fafard

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A study investigates price patterns at California cannabis retailers during a period of major regulatory changes.
Watering the Emerald Triangle: Irrigation sources used by cannabis cultivators in Northern California

by Christopher Dillis, Theodore E. Grantham, Connor McIntee, Bryan McFadin, Kason Grady

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Reported subsurface water use among North Coast cannabis cultivators is widespread and may become increasingly common.
Costs of mandatory cannabis testing in California

by Pablo Valdes-Donoso, Daniel A. Sumner, Robin S. Goldstein

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California’s safety standards for cannabis — compared to standards in other states and to standards for food products in California — are tight.
Perceptions of cannabis among Humboldt County timberland and ranchland owners

by Yana Valachovic, Lenya Quinn-Davidson, Jeffery Stackhouse, Van Butsic

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A Humboldt County survey investigates traditional agriculturalists’ views on cannabis cultivation.
“We can’t just be a county that supports inebriants”: Voices of the noncannabis agricultural community

by James C. LaChance

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Interviews with noncannabis producers in Northern California revealed a variety of concerns about legal cannabis production, from access to land and crop shifts to outsider investments.
Growers say cannabis legalization excludes small growers, supports illicit markets, undermines local economies

by Hekia Bodwitch, Jennifer Carah, Kent M. Daane, Christy Getz, Theodore E. Grantham, Gordon M. Hickey, Houston Wilson

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The survey sample was small, but results suggest regulations may need to be modified to incentivize grower participation in state licensing programs.
Cannabis farmers or criminals? Enforcement-first approaches fuel disparity and hinder regulation

by Michael Polson*, Margiana Petersen-Rockney*

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Siskiyou County, and many other counties, chose not to recognize cannabis cultivation as agriculture. This ethnographic study reveals the effects on parity in farmer rights and access to resources.

MJBizConNEXT New Orleans | June 12-14, 2019

MJBizConNEXT is the place for cannabis business executives, lead cultivators and extractors and innovators in the industry seeking a forward looking view into what’s NEXT in the cannabis industry. Learn about next-generation innovations and technology that are shaping the future of the cannabis industry on the immersive show floor. Gain actionable conference content from industry leaders to prepare for the unthinkable, the unplanned and the unimaginable in this rapidly growing industry.

Brought to you by the editors of MJBizDaily, MJBizConNEXT helps you prepare for what’s NEXT in cannabis.


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The biggest cannabis company in the world | Quartz News

Quartz News S1: E19
Published April 19, 2019

Big Weed is already here. The very biggest cannabis companies in the world, Canopy Growth, owns over a dozen brands (like Tweed). Based out of Canada, business is good after the legalization of recreational marijuana. “Our goal is to be big and to be successful,” says Jordan Sinclair, the VP of communications at Canopy Growth. That hasn’t stopped premium growers, like Mario Sherbinski, from plotting success. He runs one of the splashiest brands in the new world of legal weed. (Recreational weed became legal in his home state, California, in 2018.) His company, Sherbinskis, sells premium product. Is there space in the legal weed economy for corporate cannabis and boutique bud?

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Cannabis 411: The Business of Legal Cannabis (Los Angeles)

This seminar puts you in a seat in front of experts in the industry – from legal, to financial, to operating – to assist you in learning how to begin your venture and cultivate invaluable connections with those who can help you with every step of the day.

Schedule for Cannabis 411:

  • Los Angeles April 27th
  • Sacramento May 4th
  • San Francisco May 18th
  • San Diego June 15th

Clear Horizon Management – Cannabis 411 webpage:

Clear Horizon Management – Events List at Eventbrite:

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U.S. Cannabis Conference and Expo – Miami

The Official Cannabis Conference of The United States
The Intersection of Compliance, Compassion and Community

August 3-4, 2018

Hyatt Regency Miami

U.S. Cannabis Conference – website:

USCC Expo – facebook page:

USCC Miami – facebook event page:

USCC Expo Miami 2018 Promotional Video

ExpoCannabiz Business Conference – Cartagena, Columbia

ExpoCannabiz Business Conference

Cartagena, Columbia

May 9-11, 2019

The ExpoCannaBiz Business Conference and Expo is designed for Cannabis industry professionals and provides attendees the opportunity to network with global Cannabis industry professionals, investors and exhibitors.

The event will be located at the beautiful Cartagena Convention Center in the historic port city of Cartagena, mostly known as The Heroic City, on Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

ExpoCannabiz – website:

ExpoCannabiz – Event Listing @ >>

Keynote Speakers Include:

Vincente Fox, President of Mexico (2000-2006)

  • Former President, Coca Cola, Mexico. Known for being a strong promoter in the issue of the legalization of Marijuana, he has participated in various international forums related to this industry and today heads CannaMexico and Centro Fox.

Steve DeAngelo

  • A leading cannabis rights activist, Co-founder and Executive Director of Harborside, a cannabis dispensary, and co-founder of The Arcview Group.

Juan Manuel Galan

  • Senator of Colombia for three consecutive periods (2006-2018), promoter of the most important drug policy reform in Colombia and Author of the Medical Cannabis Law and promoter of the drug policy reform.

Jennifer Sanders

  • Founder, Chief Executive Officer of CNS Equity Partners and and AURA Venture Funds. Jennifer leverages her expertise in the alternative agriculture and holistic health industries as a corporate consultant for institutional firms and investments.

The Cannabis Investing Forum

Thursday, May 9, 2019

A one-day event on Thursday, May 9th that has an agenda packed with global private and public cannabis investors and companies sharing their knowledge and experience on how to invest and raise capital in this explosive emerging market opportunity.

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